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Symbiotic Media Group
Department of Adaptive Machine Systems
Osaka University


Associate Professor Hideyuki Nakanishi
Administration Staff Yuko Fujita
Ph.D. Student Yuya Onishi
Ph.D. Student Kana Kushida
Ph.D. Student Masaya Iwasaki
Graduate Student Sho Kaneko
Graduate Student Mizuki Ikeda
Graduate Student Hiroshi Okada
Graduate Student Yuta Watanabe
Undergraduate Student Gin Ichiguchi
Undergraduate Student Ryota Minami


Towards symbiosis between humans and media, we adapt media to our perceptual and physical capabilities. Currently, we are working on adaptive telepresence.


We daily meet others in a physical space such as a room, a hallway, and a street. We know, however, few things about what kind of perceptual information contributes to the feeling of facing each other. This hinders us from designing effective digital environments for distributed face-to-face meetings. To compensate for such a lack of knowledge, we aim at clarifying the inside of telepresence.


Videoconferencing systems can provide audio-visual sensation of facing each other. Telerobots can produce embodied interaction in a remote site. Based on scientific analysis of telepresence, we try to merge these two kinds of telecommunication systems and create a new form of telepresence systems.


move vs. zoom